Workers willing to give up £2,000 of salary to get more flexible working

Workers willing to give up £2,000 of salary to get more flexible working

Workers seeking better flexibility are willing to sacrifice nearly £2,000 from their salary in exchange for better balance, according to new research from the world’s largest job site Indeed.

The pandemic has brought wholesale changes to the way millions of people work, with almost half of employed people doing at least some work from home at the height of the first lockdown last year2.

Now, as many return to their usual place of work following the school summer holiday, some are keen to preserve a degree of flexibility – with those seeking a better work-life balance willing to sacrifice an average of £1,949 to do so.

For workers earning the average annual salary of £31,461, forgoing £1,949 a year would equate to a 7% hit to their paypacket.

The research also revealed that men and women are equally willing to forgo part of their salary in return for the ability to work flexibly, with the parents of children under 18 more ready to part with some of their pay than those without caregiving responsibilities.

Encouraged back to workplace against wishes

Indeed surveyed 2,000 people and found nearly three-quarters (73%) of those currently working from home say their bosses are encouraging them back to their usual place of work, and for three days on average. A fifth (20%) of jobseekers are being encouraged to return to their workplace for five days a week.

Equally, 70% of employees currently working from home say their employer is encouraging them to be in their workplace for more days than they’d like, with 35-44 year olds and those earning £50,000 or more feeling the most aggrieved about having to work from their normal place of work more often than they would like.

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