Work from home benefited us, say London’s business leaders

Work from home benefited us, say London’s business leaders

Working from home during the pandemic saw an increase in fitness levels and improved the mental wellbeing of their organisations, says a new survey of London’s business leaders. Now ‘London’s fittest company’, JogPost, is calling on them to do more for employee fitness as part of their Fit to Deliver campaign.

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A survey carried out by Dragon’s Den winner JogPost has made the surprising find that working from home during the pandemic improved both the fitness and mental health of London’s business leaders.

A survey of 250 business leaders across the capital found just a minority of leaders (29%) said the pandemic had negatively impacted the mental health of their organisation, while six out of ten said their exercise levels had increased.

Around half of those surveyed in the spring of 2022 said some form of hybrid working had continued in their business beyond the pandemic.

The survey was carried out by JogPost, a leaflet distribution company who have declared themselves ‘London’s fittest company,’ thanks to their award winning team of jogging distributors.

Speaking on the results JJ Harding, CEO of JogPost, said: “We know not everyone had the same experience in the pandemic. To see that managers and owners largely benefited from an increase in physical activity during lockdown is an important find in our campaign to improve the physical fitness of London’s workforce.”

An in-depth report on the results found that the finance sector valued the physical fitness of their employees the most, with over half saying it was ‘very important.’ This was curiously double the number of their counterparts in retail, construction and hospitality.

Supporting the campaign is four times ‘Personal Trainer of the Year’, Mike Hind, who was awarded an MBE after helping his community during the pandemic. He supported the call for businesses to do more on employee fitness in light of the results.

“Given the majority of business leaders who recognised physical fitness as important for mental health (88%), business performance (82%) and even choosing to work with other companies (80%) we now need to see business do more post-pandemic to support employee fitness.”

“Flexible work times to allow for exercise breaks, tax relief on fitness related purchases, a negotiated corporate discount with your local gym. These are all small measures that can make a big difference in the workplace, most importantly to the mental wellbeing of staff.”

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About JogPost

JogPost is one of London’s leading marketing distribution companies. Established in 2008 after a successful pitch from their founders on Dragon’s Den, they have since gone on to win a number of awards over 14 years including the Peer Award for Excellent Customer Experience in 2019 and The Worldwide Business Review’s Most Outstanding in Leaflet Creation Delivery Services in 2018. They were finalists at the Lloyds Business Awards in 2020.

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