Ukraine accuses Russia of always finding ‘reasons not to allow dialogue’ and believes Putin ‘does not want to end the war’

Ukraine accuses Russia of always finding ‘reasons not to allow dialogue’ and believes Putin ‘does not want to end the war’

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that he does not believe in “dialogue” with Vladimir Putin and that he does not see any interest in the Kremlin “wanting to end the war.”

Zelensky warned that he and his government do not see that Russia has any interest in wanting to end the war, but which Russian President will negotiate peace, he asked.

Answering questions from representatives of the African media the Ukrainian President said, “They don’t offer us a dialogue. They offer us to surrender.

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“I have been president for three years.

“You will not find a single president of the EU countries who has not received signals from me for three years that I want direct talks with the president of Russia, that we cannot allow a full-scale war, that there will be tens and hundreds of thousands of dead and millions of refugees.”

President Zelensky said, “I called him many times,” and noted that “they always found reasons not to allow dialogue.”

“When they came to occupy us here, what should I do? Should I call again? This is not a dialogue or reconciliation.

“This is an ultimatum. It sounds like this: ‘If you don’t do as we want, we will kill you.”

He added, “They tie our hands, cut off our tongue, and then say they are ready for dialogue.”

Last month he said, President Zelensky said, “Yes, I don’t see. I don’t see any interest. I don’t see things. The only positive thing is that the parties started talking about the unblocking of Azovstal and the evacuation of civilians.

“I don’t see any more steps.”

Speaking about Putin, Zelensky said that, “He lives in his own informational world, not realizing that Ukraine will not make concessions.

“This war for Ukraine is not against anyone, but for itself, for its land. He must live in reality, and his surrounding must help him get out of his informational unreality.”

Zelensky could have made a reference that his intelligence believes that Putin could be on his way out as he said after the active phase of the war there will be a peace process, but which Russian President will negotiate peace.

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