Uber for Business supports hybrid working with bolstered Eats for Business offering

Uber for Business supports hybrid working with bolstered Eats for Business offering

Uber for Business has today bolstered its Eats for Business offering, as it looks to support businesses improve employee engagement, rewarding and gifting, and employees as they enter a new hybrid era of work.

Eats for Business can now reach 91% of the UK population, with over 400,000 restaurants on its books. For those already back in the workplace, the solution has been designed to act as a canteen replacement service, enabling organisations to create meal programmes for employees and set permissions for time, location and budget.

For those still operating remotely, or in the ‘in-between’, the solution has been developed to enable users to create groups that can have their food delivered during virtual meetings such as team sync-ups, workshops, celebrations and events.

The announcement comes as 63% of workers reveal food provided by their employers will keep them happy and satisfied in the new era of hybrid working. An environment which is set to see organisations ditch the five day in-office working week to a more flexible model.

The easy to use platform provides businesses with a flexible food delivery service, enabling employers and HR teams to provide employees with food vouchers as both an in-built lunch service as well as an ad-hoc way of rewarding and gifting to employees.

With incentives in the form of food becoming increasingly popular; through free breakfasts, healthy snacks, coffees, and more, the service is perfect for organisations looking to strengthen relationships with employees post-pandemic.

Through a number of in-built controls, employers and HR teams can allocate vouchers to staff, or place orders and have food delivered wherever they may be working. The whole process can be managed remotely, enabling organisations to set restrictions including those related to alcohol consumption and budgets.

Tim Burgess, Head of Uber for Business speaking about the announcement said “As we emerge from the pandemic into a new era of hybrid working, employers and HR teams need the tools in place to keep the workforce engaged and productive.

“Rewarding has long been a tool to keep employees happy and motivated, but with many organisations stepping back from having staff in the office 5 days a week, more meaningful gifting that is appropriate for both remote working and office-based employees is required.

“Eats for Business provides organisations with an easy to access rewarding solution, enabling employers to feed and reward their staff no matter their location – all while building company culture and improving productivity. It’s easy to set up and can act as a healthier, socially distanced in-office canteen replacement, while enabling businesses to provide easy to distribute Uber Eats Vouchers and Gifts Cards to workers operating remotely.”

Published at Tue, 07 Sep 2021 08:32:15 +0000

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