Suicide bombers pose a ‘real security threat’ to British troops at Kabul Airport

Suicide bombers pose a ‘real security threat’ to British troops at Kabul Airport

The Armed Forces Minister, James Heappey has warned on Monday that there is a “real security threat” that ISIS will exploit the situation at Kabul Airport.

Heappey said there is a “real security threat, particularly from Islamic State” and that the government are unable to publicly announce any key dates or any other information over the evacuation in Kabul.

If the government did announce key dates and information then ISIS could attack US and UK troops at Kabul Airport with suicide bombers.

Also there have been several deaths at the airport and should information be made public this could also lead to stampedes.

Heappey told LBC Radio that terror groups could capitalise on the chaos if details of dates over the evacuations were provided.

He said, “1,821 people evacuated from Kabul over the last 24 hours across eight flights operated by the Royal Air Force.

“Brits and Afghan nationals, the flow remains good into the evacuation handling centre at the Barrett hotel and there are nine flights scheduled for the next 24 hours.

“The situation on the ground remains challenging though, there is a real security threat that we’re facing, particularly from Islamic State.

“And so, for that purpose, I’m afraid what we can’t do is really give you the exact dates of when each part of the mission culminates.

“Clearly at some point that you know the envelope that we’re working within is set by the 31 August, that’s what we’re still working to within this building.”

Published at Mon, 23 Aug 2021 10:51:50 +0000

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