Web Development & Hosting


Web Development & Hosting

Website design packages are a bit like a package holiday is the best way I can describe them. You get everything you need to get a business website design online with a website package. In the same way as with a holiday when you get the car rental, villa, flights everything is included that you need to enjoy your holiday. Its a lot easier than trying to do all these individual pieces on your own.

We provide website design and hosting service. Our web hosting is for hosting small business websites. The base package we offer includes a domain name, SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth and an email address.

Thinking of moving your website to us, we can migrate your existing website and services for you to our website hosting. Call today on 0203-946-2740 to discuss web hosting and design packages.

End To End

  • Website
  • Domain
  • SSL Certificate
  • Web Hosting
  • Mailboxes

You can transform your business to a revenue-producing asset that lets you work as much or as little as you want.

Included Services

Our clients are often surprised by the possibilities we present to them; by thinking outside the box we present exciting new ventures:

  • Linux, Windows or WordPress hosting package

  • .co.uk domain included with hosting

  • Includes Wildcard SSL Certificate (https).

  • Backups held for 30 days.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

  • Control Panel Admin access

Whats Included

We have a 3-page affordable web design development for only £299.99 these designs include basic website design.

We then have bespoke sites from 3 to 20-page business website design packages which get customised to exactly how you would like with galleries, different styles, bespoke layouts, custom graphics. There then is my eCommerce web packages these are more geared to selling online products and accepting payment, again these are customised for your brand and your business.

I guide you through the whole design process until we get a website design online that you are happy with and has the required functionality that you need. If you are not satisfied, then I have not done my job as a web designer.

My packages include a .com or a .co.uk domain, there are so many different types of domain now, and they vary in price. If you want something different than a .com or .co.uk domain I most likely can include with a package I will just need to confirm the cost.

A domain is required to host a website design. It’s like an address, your postcode if you will on the internet. Each domain is unique. There is only one of each.

Try and avoid putting your main product into your domain name, i.e. london-plumber.co.uk it would be better to do london-businessname.co.uk this is because it allows for further website optimisation later down the line. You could have london-businessname.co.uk/heating-services/ and not let plumbing interrupt this keyword work.

Of very recent times there is a not for profit organisation called Lets Encrypt, and I can now provide via this organisation SSL certificates for every website I sell. Some folks are still trying to charge people a fortune for these.

Ok if you have your website design, you got your domain and SSL certificate. Now you need somewhere to store it all. Now, this is where web hosting is required. It’s a server where you can save the website files, hosting the domain, install the SSL certificate and call home.

You cannot have a website design without hosting, believe it or not, you could set your computer up as a webserver and let traffic to it via your home broadband, but you might struggle with the load and keeping your network online all the time.

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