GDPR Impact Assesment

What is a DPIA ?

A DPIA (data protection impact assessment) is a type of risk assessment. It helps you identify and minimise risks relating to personal data processing activities. DPIAs are also sometimes known as PIAs (privacy impact assessments).

The EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and DPA (Data Protection Act) 2018 – laws that focus on data privacy for individuals – require you to carry out a DPIA before certain types of processing. This ensures you can mitigate data protection risks.

For instance, if processing personal information is likely to result in a high risk to data subjects’ rights and freedoms, you should carry out a DPIA.

You should also conduct one when introducing new data processing processes, systems or technologies.

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Why are DPIAs important? important? ?

DPIAs are a useful way of ensuring the efficiency – and cost-effectiveness – of the security measures you implement.

A risk-based approach ensures you do not waste resources attempting to mitigate threats that are unlikely to occur or will have little effect.

Not carrying out a DPIA when required could leave you open to enforcement action from the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) – the UK’s data protection authority. This could include a fine of up to 2% of your organisation’s annual global turnover or €10 million – whichever is greater.

Regular DPIAs also support the GDPR’s accountability principle, helping your organisation prove its compliance with the Regulation – both to the supervisory authority and to other stakeholders.

DPIA solutions

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