Scientist warns London could be submerged from flooding which could see the capital being relocated

Scientist warns London could be submerged from flooding which could see the capital being relocated

A lead scientist have warned that London Hull and Bristol are at a real risk of becoming uninhabitable as the three cities could end up being submerged from flooding.

The climate crisis has prompted real concerns that the three cities could face severe flooding prompting a proposal that the capital should be relocated.

Sir David King, the chair of the Climate Crisis Advisory Group has warned that the UK’s coastal areas, cities and London are at a severe risk of flooding caused by storms, flooding and rising sea levels unless the climate crisis is solved.

Glaciers are melting and the thermal expansion of seawater as the temperatures are rising, which is causing rising sea levels.

Sir David King told the Mirror, “We are an island nation which means the biggest challenge we are facing from climate change is rising sea levels and storms at sea.

“And storms at sea when you are an island nation also mean storms inland so the net result is our coastal areas are under attack at the same time as our rivers are flooding.

“If you think of London with the Thames in flood and coming up the Thames estuary flood waters as well..[you have] attack from flooding from both sides.”

He added, “If we run forward in time and we continue emitting greenhouse gases at the current level we can no longer defend our valuable assets and we would have to start moving to higher land.

“What am I talking about?

“I am talking for example about the capital.

“This is already happening in Indonesia, the government is moving the capital from higher land because Jakarta is being so seriously flooded already.

“They have rising sea levels, Jakarta is sitting very close to sea level and it’s a place with a river estuary so the estuaries are flooding at the same time as the storms are flooding from the ocean so Jakarta is no longer viable for the next 20 to 30-years.”

Since 1880 the global sea levels has risen by eight to nine inches, and in 2019 research found sea levels globally had rose by 3.4inches, well above the 1994 average.

Sir King said that the capitol could have to be moved from London.

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