Rail union warns they are ready to strike against post Covid plans for job cuts

Rail union warns they are ready to strike against post Covid plans for job cuts

The Rail, Maritime and Transport union (RMT) have warned they are “ready” to strike if there are any post-Covid plans to cut services and jobs.

The RMT are stepping up a campaign against “cynical and opportunist” cuts as it would decimate services and staffing levels.

RMT general secretary Mick Lynch said, “It is crystal clear that cutbacks already planned are just the tip of the iceberg as cynical employers use the cloak of Covid to smuggle through the decimation of jobs and services on Britain’s railways.

“Not only do these planned cuts fly in the face of the Government’s own statements on future rail usage, they also make a mockery of their green agenda as they will force more cars onto the road at the expense of environmentally-friendly rail travel.

“RMT will not sit back while this carve up of the rail network is cooked up in company boardrooms.

“We will be stepping up our campaigning and the union has moved onto an industrial war-footing as we recognise exactly what is at stake.

“If it means national industrial action on the railways to stop this carnage we are more than ready for that.”

Lynch has written to the government and is urging Ministers to intervene over job cuts which are being planned by South Western Railway.

An SWR spokesman said, “The timetable we are proposing from December 2022 will represent a significant increase on our current service levels and provide 93% of our pre-Covid capacity.

“With customer journeys forecast to return to 76% of pre-pandemic levels, it is appropriate that we right-size our services to match demand, improve reliability for our customers and reduce costs for the taxpayer.”

Published at Fri, 27 Aug 2021 11:28:10 +0000

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