Putin orders ‘round the clock’ monitoring at a newly opened nuclear facility which has been placed on ‘high alert’

Putin orders ‘round the clock’ monitoring at a newly opened nuclear facility which has been placed on ‘high alert’

Russia’s Defence Ministry has placed their new nuclear facility on “high alert” and ordered “round the clock” monitoring.

Tensions are on a knife edge as London, Washington, France and Germany have all been warned of a nuclear strike from the Kremlin over the past few months.

Releasing the news, Interfax said, “From July 1, 2022, in order to strengthen the defence capability of our state, shifts of the Main Centre for Geophysical Monitoring began to carry out round-the-clock duty.”

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Interfax added, that nuclear facility is tasked with identifying nuclear explosion along with sources of man made “geophysical disturbances” which includes nuclear explosions.

Dr Paul Maddrell, a lecturer in international history and international relations, at Loughborough warned that the Ukraine could consider to build their own nuclear deterrent.

Dr Maddrell said, “If I were the President of Ukraine, I’d strongly be considering developing nuclear weapons.

“Ukraine had nuclear weapons in the 1990s when the Soviet Union collapsed.

“There were nuclear weapons on Ukrainian territory, which became Ukraine’s and Ukraine agreed to give them up to denuclearise Europe and make it a safer place.

“Well, if it had kept those nuclear weapons, Putin would not have invaded because he would have faced a nuclear attack on his country.

He added, that “Zelensky, if he’s prevented from joining NATO, may well think that the only way forward is to develop nuclear weapons – as he may do.”

Since the war in Ukraine started on 24 February politicians in the UK and the US have been discussing the constant risk of a global nuclear war.

Putin has announced the the new Sarmat nuclear intercontinental ballistic missile will be operational ready by the end of the new year which has raised further tensions.

Over the weekend the Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko strongly urged “Moscow to be ready to use nuclear arms” against the West’s aggression and the build up of NATO forces on his borders.

Over the past four months Lukashenko has sent many mixed messages from threatening to join the war to wanting to stage peace talks.

The President of Belarus has now told Putin that he “must deploy nuclear weapons” to pushback the West as Lukashenko is fearful of a build up of Western forces around his borders.

During a meeting with Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Lukashenko said, “Russia should be ready to deploy nuclear weapons to counter the West’s global hegemony.”

The pair met in a one on one meeting in Minsk where Lukashenko discussed the security and foreign policy and accused the West of promoting bias amid the ongoing war, according to Belarusian state-owned agency BelTA.

Lukashenko said, “We must be ready.  In the year 1941, you and I did not take part. But we have the historical memory.

“When we thought, believed, that is why we believe. But we must remain alert in all areas.”

The Russian Foreign Minister said, “Russia and Belarus will firmly maintain that their legitimate security interests in an era when NATO continues to act very aggressively are respected.

“We always stand for dialogue.

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