More countries could be added to the governments red and amber travel lists

More countries could be added to the governments red and amber travel lists

Brits could be scrambling to get back home to avoid quarantine as the government could move more countries on to the red and amber travel list.

Several countries are seeing higher infection rates and Croatia, Madeira, Israel and Antigua could move from green and turn amber.

The Caribbean islands of Jamaica, Saint Lucia and Dominica could be placed on the red travel list, including Morocco.

Saudi Arabia, Poland, Bhutan the Czech Republic, and Hungary could move on to the green travel list, whilst Turkey could remain on red.

According to The Mail government sources said there will be “limited” countries will move to the green list and the travel review is to take place this week.

Travel chiefs claim the government’s failure to expand the green list over the summer has affected confidence in people booking foreign travel.

Paul Charles, of travel consultancy The PC Agency said, “There have been so many opportunities for the government to widen the green list and give consumers more confidence to book and travel.

“But they continue to dash the hopes not only of families wanting late summer getaways but also airlines and travel firms, which desperately need the government to expand overseas travel options.”

Martin Chalk, of the pilots’ union Balpa accused the government that they had “destroyed confidence” in international travel which has prevented the aviation sector to recover.

Published at Mon, 23 Aug 2021 09:56:26 +0000

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