Hospital admissions could reach at least 7,000 a day by October amid autumn wave

Hospital admissions could reach at least 7,000 a day by October amid autumn wave

Government scientific advisors have warned that by October England could see around 7,000 hospital admissions each day.

The scientists have warned that unless the government enforce a “basket of measures” this is a very real risk, whilst Boris Johnson told a press conference he wants to avoid new restrictions.

The Prime Minister said that he wants to “keep going” with England’s current strategy, but confirmed there is a “Plan B” if there is an enormous spike with infections as the country come into its second Covid winter.

Deaths and hospital admissions are higher now than they were a year ago and the government’s scientific advisory group, Sage are urging Johnson to act now.

Scientists are expecting hospital admissions to peak between 2,000 and 7,000 each from next month across England surpassing the peak last winter which had 4,500 in the country, according to recent Sage papers.

The scientists have warned, “With the current levels of high prevalence combined with unknown behaviours, the burden on health and care settings could rise very quickly.”

The Health Secretary Sajid Javid said the government’s Covid winter plan does not come “risk-free.”

Javid told Sky News, “It is right that experts are looking at what is happening and come up with their best guess of where things might go based on certain assumptions.

“Back when we made the Step 4 decision there were also experts saying that case rates are going to surge to 200,000, hospitalisations are going to go to 2,000 to 3,000 a day, don’t do it.

“We have to listen to them but eventually make what we think is the right decision.

“There is no risk-free decision, but I think what we have announced in terms of this plan, is well thought through.

“It is the act of a responsible government to set out this is our plan, this is how we are going to protect the gains, but just in case things are not quite as we want them to be we have got to have another plan and get that ready too.”

Published at Wed, 15 Sep 2021 13:48:13 +0000

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