Half support potential ‘October firebreak lockdown’ as PM announces plans to avoid strict restrictions

Half support potential ‘October firebreak lockdown’ as PM announces plans to avoid strict restrictions

Half (51%) of UK adults say that they support an October ‘firebreak’ lockdown if hospital admission remain high, according to a new poll from Savanta ComRes.

Support is higher among older adults aged 55+ (57%) compared to younger adults aged 18-34 (43%), although generally around one in five (20%) of all ages oppose such a move.

Similar levels that support a ‘firebreak’ lockdown say that one would be effective in reducing the pressure on the NHS (57%), although a quarter (27%) say that it would be ineffective.

The poll comes as the Prime Minister and Health Secretary today (14 September) lay out a series of measures designed to avoid “last resort” lockdowns this winter.

Three quarters (73%) of the public say that they are concerned about another wave of coronavirus this winter, with concern higher among older adults (80% 55+ vs 61% 18-34) and women (77% vs 69% for men). Just a quarter (23%) say they are not concerned, with just 6% saying they are “not concerned at all”.

And a third (31%) say that a ‘firebreak’ lockdown would show that the vaccination programme has been a failure, although half (50%) say the opposite.

Elsewhere in the poll, a quarter (25%) of the public say that the coronavirus vaccine is ineffective at decreasing the chance of catching coronavirus, with a similar proportion saying that its ineffective in stopping the spread of coronavirus, while a further 14% say its ineffective in decreasing the chance of falling seriously ill.

Commenting on the findings, Chris Hopkins, Political Research Director at Savanta ComRes said, “The public have been supportive of restrictions and lockdowns ever since they were first introduced and therefore avoiding a ‘firebreak’ other than as a “last resort” shows the Prime Minister trying to appease his backbenchers more so than the public. There appears to be concern about coronavirus as Britain heads into the winter, and if the Prime Minister is willing to gamble on all-but promising no further lockdowns and later reneging on his promise, it’s difficult to imagine the public continuing to be as forgiving.”

Published at Wed, 15 Sep 2021 06:43:12 +0000

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