Group of CytoDyn Stockholders Releases White Paper Regarding Company’s Extremely Unfavorable Borrowing Practices

Group of CytoDyn Stockholders Releases White Paper Regarding Company’s Extremely Unfavorable Borrowing Practices

NEW YORK–()–A group of long-time stockholders (the “Nominating Stockholders” or the “Group”) of CytoDyn Inc. (“CYDY or the “Company”) (OTC: CYDY) that has nominated five highly experienced director candidates to serve on the Company’s Board of Directors today released a white paper regarding CYDY’s unfavorable borrowing practices.

The white paper highlights that in particular, since the June of 2018, CYDY has borrowed a sizable portion of its operating capital from Iliad Research and Trading, LP and companies affiliated with John M. Fife, rather than from traditional funding sources. The borrowing has come in the form of long-term convertible notes that have historically included terms extremely unfavorable to the Company, some based upon post-transaction renegotiation, and have resulted in borrowing costs that are higher than the principal and interest specified in the original notes.

In total, the $142.5 million of convertible notes that CYDY has issued since the middle of 2018 have yielded cash proceeds of $125.0 million after deduction of original issuance and insurance costs, a 12.3% discount to the principal.

The full text of the Group’s white paper regarding CYDY’s unfavorable borrowing practices can be accessed at

The time has come to hold CYDY management and the current Board accountable for the immense value destruction they have overseen throughout their tenure. Stockholders deserve honest, competent, and transparent leadership and a Board that truly represents their best interests and will restore investor trust and generate the returns each and every one of us deserves. Help us enable CYDY to achieve its incredible potential by voting the WHITE proxy card to elect our five independent director nominees today.

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Paul Rosenbaum, Jeffrey Beaty, Arthur Wilmes, Thomas Errico, M.D., Bruce Patterson, M.D., Peter Staats, M.D., Melissa Yeager and CCTV Proxy Group, LLC (collectively the “Participants”) have filed a definitive proxy statement and accompanying WHITE proxy card with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) to be used in connection with the solicitation of proxies from the stockholders of CytoDyn Inc. (the “Company”). All stockholders are advised to read the definitive proxy statement and other documents related to the solicitation of proxies. The definitive proxy statement and an accompanying proxy card is available at no charge on the SEC’s website at In addition, the Participants will provide copies of the proxy statement, without charge, upon request. Requests for copies should be directed to the Participants’ Proxy Solicitor, Okapi Partners LLC, by calling (844) 202-7428.


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