company history

Mainframe is a collaborative hub, focused on delivering professional services in IT, accountancy, and businessBy assessing the scope of the project and current business infrastructure where relevant, Mainframe provide solutions geared to your businesses current needs, with room to grow.  

We pride ourselves on learning how your business functions before offering solutions to support, guide and grow with your ambitions.  

Mainframe Consulting Ltd has provided services for industries including; Business, IT, Music, Media, Education, Sport, Careand Security.  

With our team of qualified professionals and organisations we are capable of taking on all potential consulting opportunities, please get in touch (hyperlink to contact form –  form sends to 

Mainframe Consulting is here if you have a project that requires bespoke solution, specialist skills or support from a company that has network of professionals across various fields . Please complete the contact form to arrange your initial consultation ……We look forward to working with you! 

  • 2016

    Mainframe Consulting Incorporated

    This was the Birth Of Mainframe Consulting

  • 2018

    Office In House was going Strong

    For the first year we made the spare room in Nicholas's Mothers house the head quarters. Armed with computer screens and a white board. The dream was taking form

  • 2019

    Office Move

    After 1 year of working out of a spare room, it was time to make the jump to our first office. The move to Liverpool street was the next step and a successful step

  • 2020

    The Year no one will forget

    2020 Hit and we all know what happened. But for us it was not to bad. It aloud us to focus and develop our brand. We started a few more business's and developed the one we currently have. Currently all are going strong despite the lockdown which we all faced.

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