64% of Physicians Have Considered Leaving the Job: How Burnout is Taking Over the Medical Field and the Crucial Next Steps to Relieve Workers

64% of Physicians Have Considered Leaving the Job: How Burnout is Taking Over the Medical Field and the Crucial Next Steps to Relieve Workers

AUSTIN, Texas–()–Software Advice, a company that helps businesses navigate the software buying journey, released findings from its latest survey on physician burnout. The study pointed to the most common burnout symptoms of the past eighteen months and ways to relieve physicians moving forward.

Of the physicians that Software Advice surveyed, 64% have considered leaving their job. The 25% who considered a career change had a plethora of different responses when asked what they would do next. While consulting and teaching in the medical field were top choices, many others stated potential jobs outside of the industry including photography, music, culinary arts and restaurant entrepreneurship — indicating a growing desire to leave the medical field altogether.

Lisa Hedges, Medical Analyst for Software Advice, provides solutions to address the high number of physicians who are considering leaving their profession. Most importantly, physician work-life balance should be prioritized with more flexible work hours and increased paid time-off. In the survey, 82% of physicians said flexible work hours would help alleviate burnout, and 77% said increased paid time-off would help significantly. However, only 29% of physicians surveyed have been given more flexible hours and only 11% have seen an increased paid time-off. While the ongoing public health crisis has proved challenging for implementing such changes, it’s time to take these necessary steps to improve physician well-being.

Surveyed physicians also rated their burnout symptoms. Almost all physicians (97%) have experienced emotional exhaustion throughout the past year and a half. One in six experienced it constantly. Of those surveyed, 95% experienced changes in sleep patterns or difficulty sleeping, while almost one in ten experienced it constantly.

About Software Advice

Software Advice™ helps businesses navigate the software buying journey. Industry-specific advisors guide people through the selection process and provide personalized software recommendations. Founded in 2005, Software Advice has helped more than 825,000 businesses find the right software for their specific needs through 1-on-1 advice, objective research and actionable insights. Software Advice also features over 1 million verified user reviews to ensure people feel confident in their technology decisions.

Survey Methodology

Software Advice conducted this survey in August, 2021 of 257 healthcare providers to learn more about pandemic-related burnout and how healthcare providers should address burnout. Respondents were screened for general and family practitioners (207) and mental health therapists (50) currently working in U.S. practices with 20 or fewer licensed providers.

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